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  • A new job needs a new wardrobe :-)

    Posted on September 24, 2015 by Tempted xx

    Dear Rosemary, what should I wear .... to my new job.

    Have a look at our Workwear Video to get some ideas for a handy capsule wardrobe that will look great in the office or on the weekends :-)

    xx Rosemarydear rosemary

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  • A Night to Remember

    Posted on November 17, 2014 by Tempted xx

    A Night to Remember

    Thursday 13th November was a night to remember for us here in Tempted.  Not just for the torrential rain that was falling, but for the amazing night we had in Kelly's Rosslare as part of their annual Fashion Extravaganza, hosted by the fabulous Cathy O'Connor Stylist.

    Our Face of Tempted Finalists, Michelle, Joleen and Mary strutted the catwalk like professionals, and we were thrilled with the amazing response we got to the clothes on show.

    We were not so impressed with the weather though.  It poured rain, all the way home from Wexford, and between flooding, diversions, and stopping for chips (compulsary), it took us almost fours hours to get back to Dublin. But it was worth it!!

    Many many thanks to the amazing Cathy O'Connor for her stylish wisdom, to our models, Joleen, Mary & Michelle, who did us proud on the catwalk, and to Dawn & Jacintha, our Tempted Wexford ladies for all their hard work in putting the looks together x joleen mink dress joleen mustard close joleen navy dress leaning joleen pink leather joleen red gloves joleen scarf dress joleen tan jacket mary blue coat mary knits mary red cape and dress mary snowflake dress mary teal dress &fur mary velvet dress michelle bw checked dress michelle furry coatigan michelle plum coat 1 michelle plum lace michelle red suit michelle Stripey cardi michelle white fur

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  • That's a Wrap!

    Posted on October 29, 2014 by Tempted xx



    A homage to the iconic wrap dress

    wrap video screen oprint



    The iconic Wrap Dress turns 40 this year, and it's no wonder it's been around so long! We absolutely love this style of dress, so versatile, sexy and easy to wear! Every season we search for the prefect wrap dress that will work really hard for our customers and this Autumn you wont be dissappointed.

    Have a look at our selection of fabulous faux-wrap dresses and take a minute to watch our video - A Homage to the Iconic Wrap Dress!

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  • Declutter your Wardrobe x

    Posted on October 20, 2014 by Tempted xx




    Watch the video - How to De-clutter your wardrobe




    Do you Fight with you Wardrobe??

    We’ve all experienced it, we look in the wardrobe, a wardrobe that’s literally bursting at the seams with clothes and we can’t find anything to wear! It’s so frustrating. It's a great feeling to go through your wardrobe and clear out all the clothes that you KNOW you'll never wear again.

    Here are some of Tempted’s tips on how to Declutter your wardrobe


    1)      Take everything out of the wardrobe, so that you’re starting with a blank space.


    2)      Try everything on, and the reason I do this is because there’s pieces in there that I haven’t worn in years so I have no idea how they look on me now!  I need to see what they are like now with the body I have now. My body shape has changed over the years so my wardrobe needs to reflect that.


    3)      Need to ask yourself 2 questions: 1. Do I love it?    2. Do I wear it?


    We want clothes in our wardrobe that make us feel our very best, make us feel confident and happy.

    If you’ve something in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in over a year, really ask yourself if you’re going to wear it again, chances are you won’t! If it passes the love it/wear it questions then it’s kept, if it doesn’t, then it needs to go!


    4)      If something needs mending, or dry cleaning, do it now before it goes back into the wardrobe. I’ve had pieces that missed a whole season because they need to be hemmed, or have the zip replaced, and every time I opened the wardrobe they made me feel guilty!


    5)      Hang everything back up and sort it in such a way that makes sense for you, and works for you. Denise hangs her whole outfit together, her jewellery, accessories etc so that she can just reach in in the morning and pull out the whole look. I hang mine in order of when I last wore it so that I work the whole way through the wardrobe and don’t end up wearing the same pieces all the time, so choose what works for you


    Everything in your wardrobe needs to


    ♥ Fit well
    ♥ Be worn regularly
    ♥ Be comfortable
    ♥ Project the image that you want to portray


    Happy Decluttering!

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  • London Baby!!

    Posted on May 28, 2014 by Tempted xx

    So here it is.... for those of you who couldn't make our recent Face of Tempted Finale, or indeed those who were there, but would like a little reminder of how fab the girls looked and what they wore ..... our first scene, London!

    Hope you enjoy

    (Click here) London's Calling...

    Styling by Helen Egan, Hair by Elegance Hair & Day Spa Kildare, Make up by The International Make up Academy, and all clothes and accessories by Tempted, size 16-28,


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  • Once upon a time....

    Posted on April 22, 2014 by Tempted xx


    A few days off always gets me thinking!

    This Bank Holiday weekend I was thinking of how much Tempted has grown over the past few years... and it occurred to me that there are probably a lot of people whom I've never got chatting to and who don't know me or my background or why Tempted even existed. So I thought maybe you might like to know a little bit of the back story of Tempted and why it's such an important part of me.

    Back in 2002/2003 I was working with credit unions and pretty much enjoying it but I knew it wasn't something I was going to work at forever. I always had a niggling feeling about wanting to have my own business. I've always loved clothes and I've always been plus size which was a hard one back in 2002 because the options were very limited. I started to think about how many women there were really struggling to buy what they wanted, I also looked at my Mam who was/is plus size and she could dress so well going to a wedding (3 piece suit, matching hat the works!!) but on a day to day basis couldn't get a nice top to wear going to town on a Saturday. So I stated to research the market and discovered that there were so many European brands that did exactly what I wanted to wear but no one was stocking them in Ireland.

    So in Jan 2003 I decided I was opening 'Tempted' I finished my job on 14th of February and we opened Tempted on the 6th of March in Drogheda. I say 'we' because every friend relation etc was drafted in to help me get the shop open, but it was pretty much just me behind the counter initially! I was really fortunate that through a group I was part of, I met the team from 'Ask Anna' (a tv show with Anna Nolan from the first Big Brother, where they helped you with a dream) who were looking for someone who was starting a business to take part in their tv show.

    'Ask Anna' was an amazing experience because I met so many fantastic people through the show who I am still great friends with, including stylist Cathy O'Connor who has been so giving of her time and energy to us over the years. It was also a little bittersweet in that on the night the show aired on TV my grandad passed away. He had been ill for a while and we knew he was dying but he had been really supportive of me and very proud of what I was doing. Literally just 2 mins before the show aired he passed so it was a very odd night but deep down I know how proud he was (as he was of all his grandchildren) of what I was doing.

    Since 2003 Tempted has grown and changed a lot, now we have 2 stores, one in Raheny in Dublin 5 and the other in Wexford town. We have gone from just me, to 11 staff (including myself and my husband, who does the books and keeps the back end of the business right!) We run our Face of Tempted competition each year, we have our online magazine 'Inside Tempted', our website, we do our own photoshoots and we're constantly trying to ensure that we have the very very best offering for curvy customers out there, so we're constantly researching and buying. We've also had our heartache, making the decision to close our shops in Drogheda and Carlow was very hard. But for me the most important thing is genuinely everyday when I wake up I'm so looking forward to what the day will bring!

    From the day I opened I knew it was the right decision to embark on Tempted, I completely love what I do because of the really positive impact it has on people. I love being in the shop, I get so excited when I'm buying because I'm already imagining my customers in it, I love dressing people and I love the feeling you have when someone leaves the shop a foot taller because they feel really confident in what they are wearing. My heart literally swells when someone comes back and tells me how good they felt when they were wearing something from us and got loads of compliments. Everyone deserves the right to feel good about themselves and clothes are such a huge part of that. To be able to impact on people in that way because they feel good in what they buy from us is really special for me and the desire to achieve that is genuinely at the core of everything we try to do.

    So after that marathon post!, for those of you who don't know me I hope it helps explain a little bit about Tempted and why it's such an important part of me!

    Enjoy the last of the Bank Holiday,

    Love Rosemary, xxx

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  • "INSIDE TEMPTED" Christmas Special

    Posted on December 13, 2013 by Tempted xx

    This issue of "Inside Tempted" is a very special one indeed as it features all things Christmas, ('Tis the season after all). We have a special Christmas photoshoot with some of our "Face of Tempted" finalists 2013, along with a step by step hair and make up tutorial to show you how to recreate that Christmas day look. We've put together a great Christmas gift guide along with info on how to pose for all those festive photo's that lie ahead,and lots lots more. Wishing you a very Happy Chistmas from all at Tempted,

    happy reading xxx

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  • "Inside Tempted" Issue 2

    Posted on November 22, 2013 by Tempted xx

    ♥ ♥♥ ♥

     We're so excited to bring you ... issue 2 of "Inside Tempted", and we really hope there's something for everyone to enjoy.

    This issue features an in-depth interview with curvy model & blogger Louise O'Reilly who recently won "Best International Fashion Blogger" in the Cosmo Awards, we've a fierce photoshoot with Vicki Mooney, along with a step by step hair and make up tutorial to show you how to recreate the look. We've put together a great Christmas gift guide along with info on Christmas Markets, and lots lots more (72 pages in fact!).

    Have a little read and let us know what you think, your feedback is so important to us.If you've an idea for a feature, or if you've a small business that you think deserves a mention, or if you've general ideas about what you'd like to see more of just email us on It's a magazine for Tempted customers, so we want to know what YOU think.
    So please sit back and relax and enjoy Issue 2 of "Inside Tempted" , xxx 

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  • Hour Glass Shape (How to choose a dress for your Curvy Hour Glass Shape)

    Posted on November 1, 2013 by Tempted xx

    Here's the 4th and final in our series of video's all about choosing a dress to suit your body shape. This time it's all about that Curvaceous "Hour Glass", Hope you enjoy,xxx

    Dont forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for all the latest videos from Tempted:  Tempted16to28

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  • "Inside Tempted" Issue 1

    Posted on October 9, 2013 by Tempted xx

     "Inside Tempted" our digital magazine, is here ladies,Read our first issue covering Beauty,Fashion and so much more...enjoy xx


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